The Boot Camp Class


Curriculum based training means that each week of the bootcamp session teaches new skills and trains different components of fitness.  Those attending 2-3 times per week fine-tune their skills more and get more stimulus for improvements in health, fitness, and performance.  However, those attending only once per week will still learn the new skills and progress with the group.

Training the BRAIN and the BODY is the ultimate goal of each program cycle.  Developing Physical Literacy requires training Locomotion, Body Management, and Object Manipulation Skills.  In addition to developing the Biomotor Abilities of Strength, Power, Endurance, Mobility, Stability, and Flexibility.

Because of the CURRICULUM based approach to training, many students return to bootcamp again and again because there are always refinements to technique and new movements to be learned which make you more PHYSICALLY LITERATE.  The comaraderie of the group also makes bootcamp worth taking again and again.

Week 1 – Basic skills like the KB swing, vertical pull, and clean are taught.  The main metabolic system that is conditioned is the endurance or long-term energy system.

Week 2 – Over head and the first power movement the Push Press are taught while basic skills like the swings are taken to new levels by moving across the floor.  Traditional weight exercise are also performed with kettlebells and the strength-endurance metabolic system is stressed.

Week 3 – Continued refinement of basic skills are interspersed with rotational and/or physical culture movements to stimulate gains in flexibility and coordination.  Advanced power skills like the Jerk are taught while the Strength-Power metabolic system is stressed.

Week 4 – Power movements like the Snatch and its variations are stressed while maximum strength-power systems are stressed.

Week 5 – All skills are combined and refined to create high intensity interval type workouts that maximally stress metabolic and neurological adaptations.

Each bootcamp combines standard foundation skills with new exercises and variations.  Kettlebells are a unique tool that combine mind and body to maximally improve both the health and the skill related components of fitness.  Books and DVDs are available to help students continue to train between bootcamps.  With each successive bootcamp, students progress both in their efficient performance of the movements as well as in their overall endurance, strength and power.